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Storytelling Persuasion

‘Facts and figures are forgotten. Stories are retold.’ -Jeffrey Gitomer If you’re mathematically oriented then MAYBE you’ll remember the charts and graphs someone shows you in a presentation. And sometimes charts and graphs are really necessary to get to the specifics, but the real power of persuasion in presentation is the story. Not long ago, I used to believe I wasn’t very good at telling stories. It wasn’t a shyness on my part or esteem issues, but I didn’t really understand that my stories were actual stories, […]

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Layers of Complexity in Life and Persuasion I Am an Onion

I love a good metaphor. An especially powerful metaphor for me lately has been that of an onion. The Cleveland Method deals with a deep understanding of our core drives and unconscious motivations. When we focus inward, only then can we genuinely understand others. In recent months I’ve noticed a tremendous amount of growth in many of my students who have been applying persuasion techniques not just to business and sales, but to every facet of their lives. One of my students, an adviser who is becoming […]

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Foundational Principles of Persuasion

Central to understanding persuasion is the concept of neutrality. The laws of persuasion are neither good nor evil. They simply exist. Just as nuclear power can be used to create electricity or an atomic bomb, persuasion can be used to create unity or to force compliance. Whether the outcome is good or bad depends on the person using the laws and how that person applies the techniques of persuasion. Some people desire to win at any cost, using any available tactics including misusing the laws of persuasion. […]

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