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Storytelling – Pure Emotional Persuasion

I’ll admit it. I cry at movies sometimes. I’m comfortable with it and not ashamed in the least. Movies are stories and stories have been used to elicit emotions (either by design or accident) since the beginning of man. Some of the most fantastic stories are tremendously moving. This emotion can be manifested as a ‘feel good‘ or a ‘tear jerker‘, it can be uplifting or depressing, revolutionary, or merely entertaining. The most important thing to keep upper most in your mind as you think about stories, […]

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Base Desires and Persuasion

I spend a lot of time thinking about persuasion. Over the last year and a half I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time thinking of self-persuasion and self-mastery and as a result have noticed some phenomenal results in my life. The only way to make progress in the outside world is to make progress on your inside world. By asking the right questions you will naturally lock on to the right answers. I’ve been using this as my guide and have begun to ask myself the right […]

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Increasing Persuasion With Humor

Many people take for granted the powerful persuading influence of humor. Humor is often tossed off as sheer entertainment or mere speech filler. The truth is, when you engage an audience with humor, you are accomplishing much more than just getting a laugh out of them. Humor disarms an audience, making them more likely to open up to you. Once your prospects feel comfortable with you, they will be more in tune to your message and more likely to remain attentive. Audience members usually like and are […]

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